The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How To Attract Customers

You have already developed a business plan to developing your product but the question now is how you will find potential customers for your product. Below are some simple but effective ways that you can do to attract customers in buying your product. It is an ultimate cheat sheet that you can use as your guide.


Do something different

Billboards and television advertisements are expensive and have been used most of the marketers. Try to do something different. Like for instance, you can give hand stamps or personal, “crafty" leave-behinds. You can collaborate with future events near your area and request to use your stamp as the proof of entry.


Connect with your customers and make them your models

This is one of the good ways in keeping your customers connected. Letting them follow the company or products Facebook Page and Twitter is not enough. If you also put up an advertisement then you can directly ask your customers their opinions and you can immediately add them to the advertisements.

Mingle with target audience through apps


The two most popular applications on smartphones are Foursquare and Yelp. You can reward your customers with a discount or appetizer who will check at your location and take pictures of your products then share on social media sites via the Foursquare app.

Hire people to start conversation about your product


Let someone spread about your product to others. You do not need to compete with advertisements. Just simply hire people to go in busy places and start talking about your product. Offer incentives and discounts to customers who can give referrals as well.

Have Cause-Related Programs


Studies show that people are happy for a long period when selfless instead of just getting a temporary boost of satisfaction from being selfish. They remain happier when sharing something worth which helps one"s life. With this, have cause-related programs like donations to charities. Like for instance, you can promote your product by letting your customers know that for every purchase, a percentage of it will be a donation for a certain charity organization.

Try New Things

This has been advised repeatedly and yet may seem like common sense but most businesses do not follow this as a way of attracting new customers. They still go with the marketing trend that they think it is effective to potential customers. You can think and try out new ways. There is nothing wrong with trying. Do your research and be creative!

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