Why You Should Love Social Media Marketing

Studies show that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead closing rate than outbound marketing. Whatever your product and your targeted customers, using social media as one of your main marketing tools helps you grow your brand. On the contrary, some people are still not aware of social media. With this, below are some reasons why you should love social media marketing.


It is used to drive targeted traffic. By creating a new page for your business or product it will create branding. It can also help you be noticed at certain events and generate media coverage.

It boosts your website’s SEO. This is a killer content strategy for SEO.

It leads to a real relationship building if you are doing it right. Twitter and Instagram have great interaction platform with customers. You can read your customer’s tweets and status updates. You can also respond to their problems on time. With the feedback option of social media marketing, you will be the first one to know about the issues of your product and you can resolve them right away.


Its ads allow targeting and retargeting. It has a highly customizable nature when it comes to ads and these usually, convert into leads and sales. When you stay connected with your customer, they are more likely to buy from you when they need your product. Social media marketing does not just keep your company’s name to be known to potential buyers but it also gives you the opportunity to continuously offer them incentives to buy. You can try sharing coupon codes and give a unique code for each social channel.

Your competition is using social media so you should as well. Like for instance, if your competitors get your potential customers first, they will earn their loyalty and you will have a hard time getting them over to buy your product. If you are active and engaging on different networks then you can gain them back.


It’s free. You heard that right — it’s free so it will not cost any though there are some options for you to get the premium subscription for more advanced services.

The ROI on ads is unbeatable. Like for instance, the average cost per click on Google Adwords is between $1 and $2 and this also depends on the keyword you targeted. Through targeted boosted post, you are able to send traffic via Facebook and Pinterest at a low rate at $0.12 per click.

With those benefits mentioned above, social media marketing is really a great strategy for your business.

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